Corporate Officers

  • David Wolf, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Diarmaid H. Douglas-Hamilton, Director, Corporate Secretary and Chief Technology Officer
  • Michael Bruns, Chief Financial Officer

Senior Management

  • Brett Fulton, Senior Vice President and General Manager
  • Joel Lopez, President of Embryotech Laboratories
  • Julia Heinzmann, Managing Director of Gynemed GmbH & Co. KG
  • Adrian Fuller, Managing Director of Planer Limited


  • Meg Spencer, Chairman of the Board
  • Feng Han, Director and Member of the Compensation Committee
  • Bruno Maruzzo, Director and Chair of Audit Committee
  • Robert J. Potter, Director and Chair of the Compensation Committee
  • Marc Robinson, Director and Member of Audit Committee 
  • David Sable, Director and Member of Audit Committee
  • Daniel K. Thorne, Director and Member of Compensation Committee
  • David Wolf, Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
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Charters / Policies

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Audit Committee Charter.pdf)Audit Committee Charter.pdfAudit Committee Charter88 kB
Download this file (Compensation Committee Charter.pdf)Compensation Committee Charter.pdfCompensation Committee Charter72 kB
Download this file (HTL - Insider Trading and Tipping Policy.pdf)HTL - Insider Trading and Tipping Policy.pdfInsider Trading and Tipping Policy 161 kB

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